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Business Process Improvement

 Business Process Reengineering

 For over 10 years, North American Management has been preparing for the competition of the 21st century, as organizations are developing strategies to operate more efficiently  and more cost effectively. This requires both a clear understanding of how an enterprise operates today and a method for identifying opportunities for improvement. Other changes  are also impacting the competitive environment of business, including rapidly changing technology, faster dissemination of information and the development of a global  marketplace. Together these changes require senior management to re-evaluate their operating processes and identify key changes for competitiveness in the 21st Century.

 Organizational Restructuring Consultants

Over the decade, North American Management has assisted many federal agencies, housing authorities and community health centers in evaluating current business processes and identifying those that can be reengineered to significantly improve business management strategy and performance.   North American Management sponsors an open discussion, hosted by Subject Matter Experts at the Center for Professional Collaboration, Research, Monitoring & Evaluations, Business Process Reengineering.‚Äč

Continuous Improvement

Each client's organization program, functional and fiscal requirements are unique and require a tailored approach. North American Management is able to offer a customized plan that in part will include:

  • Overview of Business Improvement, including discussion of the compelling forces for change and theory versus practice in business reengineering.
  • Business Improvement examples, including case studies, guiding principles, potential problems and criteria for success.
  • Developing, planning, and selecting the Business Improvement project.
  • The Business Improvement costs and benefits.
  • Addressing organizational issues of the Business Improvement project.
  • How to sell Business Improvement within the organization.