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North American Management

provides a broad spectrum of Research, Evaluation, and Health Promotion and Outreach services:


– North American Management connects clients to research resources, consultation, and education.  We have provided community health centers, along with other clients, with consultations about research methods used in public health; evidence-based interventions; and compiling health disparity data. Through webinars and newsletters, North American Management keeps clients up to date on best practices in medicine and public health.


– On behalf of their clients, North American Management designs quantitative and qualitative data collection tools. We collect and analyze data via needs assessments; satisfaction surveys; focus groups; and literature reviews. The data assists clients in designing, implementing and evaluating programs that will best serve their population. North American Management helps build the evaluation capacity of community health centers.

Health Promotion and Outreach

– North American Management has helped clients develop patient education materials; monographs; and implement health promotion programs.  We present at national, state and local conferences. The NCHPH library and resource center provides healthcare providers with access to behavioral interventions, community resources, data sheets for healthcare providers and public housing residents, and more  

Technical Assistance

– North American Management has provided training and technical assistance to community health centers in order to build capacity for continuous self-assessment. We help clients identify the unique health needs of their patient populations and identify collaborative partners who can help them meet the need.  North American Management fosters collaboration with experts of all disciplines and with community members, with the ultimate goal of improving the health of the public.