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Successful communications and social marketing research can change the way we think, feel and behave. Multiple influences shape today’s attitudes and behaviors. To reach the public, you need solid communications research and social marketing approaches, sound research and smart communications strategies. North American Management communications and social marketing research strategies are unique in their ability to shape complex, large-scale public education campaigns critical to the nation's well-being. We understand what motivates our audiences. And we know how to reach them where they work and live.

Our in-house research team delivers deep insights on the audience, environment, and media landscape. Through analysis, careful audience segmentation and messaging, and a network of partner relationships, we have the skill and the experience to help organizations drive changes in public policy, societal attitudes and behaviors. We have the resources, personnel and expertise to conduct formative research customized for each of our clients, including the design and implementation of processes to develop, test, and refine messages and materials to targeted audiences.

We also conduct qualitative scan(s) as needed to identify communications channels, potential partnerships, and outreach collateral and activities for targeted audiences.  North American Management’s strategies and tactics include exploratory research to (a) validate client communications strategies and goals; (b) aid in the selection of concepts that resonate strongly with the target audience; and (c) testing to assure that strategies are understandable, culturally appropriate, and motivating.

To ascertain the best methods for reaching client targets, North American Management uses a mix of the following:  assessments/surveys for measuring awareness, knowledge, attitudes, behavior, and environmental or social influences; focus groups or in-depth interviews (in-person and/or online); psychographic and lifestyle information; demographic information; media habits; orientation towards health and health care; psychological characteristics; and other relevant information as identified.

We also test message concepts with intended audiences in the developmental stages and throughout the assignment (as appropriate) to ensure that they meet client requirements, again in focus groups, with professional reviews, mall intercepts, one-on-one testing, and other appropriate techniques.

Offering total research services

North American Management designs formative, quantitative and qualitative research to optimize client resources by determining the best strategies and products to meet client goals efficiently and quickly. We like to say that we take the guess-work out of developing sales strategies, marketing campaigns, products, advertising copy, media buying plans and communication strategies. We are experts on using multi-mode approaches and are completely versed in all research methods, including but not limited to:

  • in-person and telephone focus groups
  • in-person and telephone in-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • website usability testing
  • surveys (mail, online, website-based, in-person and telephone)
  • intercept interviews (e.g. mall interviews, street interviews, mystery shoppers)
  • content analysis
  • competitive intelligence
  • environmental scans
  • Internet data analysis (blogs, chat-rooms, etc.)
  • promotions tracking and effectiveness studies

North American Management assists its customers with smart decisions and best-value solutions using accurate polling, quality research, practical analyses and tested recommendations.  From planning and program design to implementation and evaluation, our approaches inform all communications initiatives for successful on-message results.

We create winning strategies

for a wide range of successful social marketing and government communications research campaigns:

  • Created highly acclaimed  program for HUD that shined the media spotlight on predatory lending practices targeting minorities
  • Led campaign to research increased prevalence in domestic violence among women resulting in nine best practice  models to assist female victims
  • Helped educate Americans about the hazards related to second-hand smoke, especially among children and the elderly living in public  and other federally assisted affordable housing