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The key to a successful communications campaign

is consistency and repetition of the message. For our customers, this means delivering the same messages to their many stakeholders and audiences, as well as “variations on a theme” to directly reach certain target audiences. The key is reinforcing the message – in different settings, through different vehicles, with different audiences. The campaign messaging and vehicles will be calibrated to maximize resonance and impact to each audience (e.g., the Internet, the media and/or target population).

Drawing from the message platform, North American Management envisions a blueprint for communications assets including online tools to allow observers to access useful content including graphics, video and social marketing products.

The message delivery will be housed in a well-structured framework but contoured to the circumstances and vehicles that are deployed during the campaign. Strategies might range from pithy bumper sticker themes of just a few words to the seven-second sound bite that leaves a lasting impact, to the “elevator speech,” which is a brief, clear explanation that encompasses the elements of the framework. While tuned to the sensibilities of a particular audience, the message framework assures that themes are consistent and effective in moving audiences to the campaign goals.

For most campaigns, we develop preliminary, sample messages that can be sculpted, massaged and developed for message refinement well before message testing gets underway ; i.e., before the launch of the campaign. Some will be augmented, some altered or deleted, based on research and responses, and later based on the results of message-testing, which includes determining who the target audiences respect as message carriers. As the campaign evolves and is refined, still other messages may be added, by interweaving popular, scientific, and/or technical vernacular, for example.

Our multi-pronged approached includes Industry and Competitor Research; Defining the Messaging Platform (e.g., audience segmentation, differentiators, key attributes); Developing the Action Plan (e.g., integrated approach,  social strategy,  media plan, website needs; and  Evaluation (e.g., measuring impact, gathering  analytics and clips, assessing perceptions, etc.).

  • The Department of the Army contracted North American Management to develop and present a multi-day training course for selected Nigerian government officials on continuity of government operations in the event of a pandemic influenza event. The Team provided training to approximately 25 Nigerian government officials who represented the Ministries of Health, Agriculture and Defense. Evaluations of the training were completed by participants and along with results, conclusions, and recommendations for follow-up action, which were incorporated into a summary report.
  • North American Management’s Housing and Revitalization Group conducted a series of briefings to select PHA executives and the Board of Directors of the National Organization of African American in Housing around the H1N1 virus; including the design of fact sheets, posters, PowerPoints and other materials designed to protect PHA staff and residents in the event of an outbreak.

North American Management

houses and supports the outreach and promotions activities of both the National Center for Health and the Aging and National Center for Health in Public Housing with comprehensive outreach and promotions, including  developing patient health education materials, implementing health promotion programs, serving as a library and resource center, creating and administering satisfaction surveys, identifying unique health needs of patient populations and forming collaborative partners.