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1North American Management

can assist a public, private, or nonprofit client in developing a comprehensive marketing or public relations plan, conduct market research, or implement a media relations campaign. We can strategically research the marketplace and assist in determining the strengths and weaknesses of our clients; develop strategic marketing and public relations campaigns that will enhance a client's reputation in the community, seek regulatory approval, or improve their position in the marketplace.

•  Process the opportunities in the marketplace
•  Define the market
•  Specify the market segment
•  Test market products, services, and programs
•  Examine the unexploited opportunities
•  Critique the targeted population by demographics- age, income, sex, family, location, occupation; or by psychographic- lifestyle, motives, needs, interest, purchasing history
•  Develop a comprehensive plan
•  Define marketing responsibilities
•  Define strengths and weaknesses
•  Assist with media relations
•  Implement an active strategy review
•  Deploy effective communication strategies
• Position client with customers, regulatory agencies, or constituent groups.