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Social Marketing

 Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plans

 North American Management assists our public, private, and nonprofit clients in developing comprehensive marketing plans, conducts market research, and implements complex media relations  campaigns. We strategically research the marketplace and assist in determining the strengths and weaknesses of our clients; develop strategic marketing and media relations campaigns that  enhance our client's reputation in the community to seek regulatory approval, and improve their position in the marketplace.

Marketing Campaign Processes:

  • Process the opportunities in the marketplace
  • Define the market
  • Specify the market segment
  • Test market products, services, and programs
  • Examine the unexploited opportunities
  • Critique the targeted population by demographics –
    age, income, gender, family, location, occupation; or by psychographic lifestyle, motives, needs, interest, purchasing history
  • Develop a comprehensive plan
  • Define marketing responsibilities
  • Define strengths and weaknesses
  • Assist with public relations
  • Implement an active strategy review
  • Deploy effective communication strategies
  • Position client with customers, regulatory agencies, or constituent groups

Effective Media Campaign Strategy

Our Subject Matter Experts can implement an effective media campaign:

  • Define the message
  • Prepare press kits, annual reports, and brochures
  • Determine the most effective medium of communication

Key Components

In order to provide the best services for our clients, North American Management develops strategic marketing and media relations campaigns based on "live" market research data and current demographic information.