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Grants and Peer Review

Contract Support Services

As the Federal government increasingly turns to grants as a method of delivering services and disbursing funds, contract support is critical in order for limited agency staff to successfully process and administer grants while providing technical assistance and leadership to grantees.

  • Grants Application Processing
  • Peer Review
  • Grantee Monitoring and Assessment
  • Grantee Technical Support Solutions

Grants Application Processing / Peer Review

In order to ensure that our clients’ grants programs are awarded in a fair and efficient manner, North American Management utilizes the following approach:

  • Review the legislative, regulatory and procedural guidelines governing the grant application, evaluation and award process.
  • Review the estimated volume of grant applications and the types and support services required by the client. Meet with previous contractor as appropriate.
  • Develop a work plan and select the project team and facilities that meet project needs while falling within the client's budget.
  • Develop operating procedures with built-in quality controls at every phase.
  • Provide peer/grant application reviewers using automated system; recruit new Subject Matter Experts as needed.
  • Develop new, or modify existing computer systems needed to ensure consistency and efficiency, making real-time monitoring reports a priority.
  • Maintain open and regular communication with clients using progress meetings, reports, e-mail and conference calls to guarantee success.
  • Evaluate performance using continuous quality improvement.


Grantee Monitoring and Assessment 

To ensure our clients' grants programs perform successfully, North American Management utilizes the following approach:

  • Review the legislative, regulatory and procedural guidelines governing the grant program.
  • Meet with senior management to determine issues, priorities and objectives.
  • Form project team, including Subject Matter Experts as needed.
  • Review existing performance data.
  • Develop new and/or utilize existing program assessment instrument; administer data gathering using appropriate method i.e.; on-site interview, on-site audit, mail survey, web-based survey, telephone interview or survey.
  • Selection and/or development of assessment tools as appropriate and practicable.
  • Organize data and develop findings and recommendations based on performance criteria; present draft and receive feedback from client.
  • Prepare and present final report.  

Grantee Technical Support Solutions

Based on the findings of our grant program assessments, evaluations and research, or based on client requests, our technical assistance will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Compliance assurance
  • Corrective action and management plans
  • Organizational development services
  • Management and financial research, analysis and planning services
  • Knowledge management assistance
  • Training and executive coaching
  • Systems and procedures development
  • Outreach strategies and campaigns
  • Subject matter assistance
  • Project management assistance
  • Operational on-site assistance
  • Logistical services