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Workforce Development

Qualified Candidate Placement

As the economy shifts, employers will be competing for a competitive and more diverse labor pool. North American Management can assist in finding qualified candidates to fill the highly skilled positions in the professional, technical and sales fields.

Equal Employment Opportunities

North American can assist clients in maintaining a discrimination free workplace where women, racial minorities, the disabled, and our veterans are encouraged to apply and are evaluated based on their performance and not their protected group status. We provide the policy, procedures, and training needed to protect your employees and your organization from the reduced productivity, costly legal battles, low morale, and negative public image associated with sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the workplace.

Strengthening the Workforce

North American Management provides assistance in strengthening the workforce by assessing the attitudes and opinions of employees, supervisors and managers determining the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. North American develops position descriptions, manages position classification and desk audits.