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 North American Management provides customized products and business tools to help our clients improve their workflow processes and systems. Our suite of innovative products and tools    improve efficiencies, lower operating expenses, and enhance organizational performance. The following provides only a brief sample of the many products and tools provided by North American  Management. For information on our complete portfolio, please contact us.

  •  North American Management’s Customer Satisfaction Tool is an evaluation tool for customers to evaluate North American Management’s performance at three critical stages of a contract.  
  • North American Management’s Customer Self-Assessment Evaluation Tool measures and reports on customer satisfaction with government programs, processes, procedures and activities. 
  • North American Management’s Grants Management Tool (NAM-GRT) is a full life-cycle grant administration review, assignment and administration tool.  NAM-GRT tracks applications for grant funding from response to Notification of Funding Availability through data entry, screening, technical analysis, rating and scoring and assignment of funds. 
  • North American Management’s Health Center Self-Assessment Tool assesses Community Health Center’s operational efficiencies and determines if any programmatic deficiencies exist and identifies specific areas to focus on to make their operational process better and more importantly how to improve their Health Center services.
  • North American Management’s Housing Choice Voucher Program Independent Assessment is an in-depth organizational and programmatic assessment tool that measures the strengths and weaknesses of Public Housing Agency’s Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • North American Management’s Low-Income Public Housing Program Independent Assessment is an in-depth organizational and programmatic assessment tool for HUD’s low-income public housing program.
  • North American Management’s Physical Needs Assessment Tool evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a Public Housing Agency’s property and establishes a maintenance-monitoring baseline, to which a detailed report would be generated from each facet of the property.
  • North American Management’s Public and Indian Housing Agency Annual and Five-Year Plan evaluates the policies, programs, operations and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals that are used to develop each plan for a Public Housing Agency.
  • North American Management’s Public Housing Authority Self-Assessment Tool is an organizational and management assessment for Public Housing Agencies to examine operational efficiencies and determine if any programmatic deficiencies exist.
  • North American Management’s Strategic Improvement Planning for Public Housing Agencies works through the strategic planning process from developing goal objectives, to identifying action items and tasks, assigning lead/support staff, developing associated performance measurements and task completion milestones.